If it worked for 2000 years, it will probably still be working!

So why not use such knowledge as we already have?

When it can be documented that a solution of vitamin A can be developed into an even safer, more potent and efficacious retinoid product; or when it can be documented that a hyaluronic molecule extracted from glasswort has an excellent moisture-binding capacity – why not make use of this knowledge? Watch the video and learn from where Raz’ passion for delving into the science of nature springs.

Many natural regards,
Raz, the skin expert

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For many years, Rasmus Bjørn Steen-Gørup (or simply Raz – the name by which he is probably known by most people) has studied, investigated, and worked with the way in which nature’s healing and beauty-promoting properties can be applied. For the last 15 years, he has been developing beauty products on the basis of this knowledge – frequently based on ingredients which he has himself picked and compounded from the Nordic flora.

The knowledge he has obtained has also made him one of Denmark’s most renowned beauty specialists. He has, for instance, appeared on television several times, and he writes articles on beauty for Danish papers and magazines. All products are natural products; and Raz is constantly trying to purify the individual active ingredients in order that the forces of nature will, to increasing extents, be beneficial to you.

Raz takes considerable social responsibility. Thus, the clay applied in Cleansing Mask is processed in Marrakech by a women’s Fairtrade cooperative on a mill which Raz bought for them in 2008. Gift wrappings are cut and riveted through an activation project, located in the Copenhagen district of Nørrebro and targeted at men with Down’s syndrome. More than once, Raz has also donated products for Mødrehjælpen (a Danish Maternal Welfare foundation) in connection with Christmas. On Black Friday 2020, the entire turnover was donated to the Danish Red Cross. In so far as it is possible, Raz takes responsibility by buying Nordic, Danish and regional raw materials – which you will experience in ingredients, wrapping, gift boxes, etc.

All manufacturing processes, taking place in Denmark, are based on knowledge dating back to the Viking Age in combination with innovative professionalism – plus Raz’ own immense knowledge about Nordic plants and herbs and their principles of action. Oozing exquisite consistencies, heavenly and discrete Nordic scents, and highly impressive effects, Raz’ products are targeted at consumers of discriminating standards of taste.

You are always welcome to book a skin analysis to get help from Raz. Or you can send him a message via Instagram.

You are always welcome in the Raz universe!