If it has worked for 500 years, it still works

I just want to know why?

Half of the medicines we use today are based on nature. The headache pill aspirin comes from willow bark. The mainstay of cancer treatment is taxol from yew and penicillin is still a fungus. It is therefore completely natural for me that it is in nature that we must find the means for the most optimal skin. I am curious, and would like to understand why a high content of isomenthon, quercetin and anolic acid glycosides, to name just a few, makes the morning glory (lat. Calendula Officinalis) as an extract, as effective as a granulation-promoting agent? When we can document that a solution of vitamin A can become an even safer, more effective and efficient retinoid, or when we get documented that hyaluron extracted from saltwort is no longer fung-binding, should we not make use of it? I believe that it is important to follow the research that is happening in the world, and not least to see if the documented instruments do not already exist in our nature.

Many natural greetings,
Skin expert Raz

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Rasmus Bjørn Steen-Gørup, or Raz as most people probably know him as, has for many years studied, researched and worked on how to apply nature’s healing and beauty-promoting properties. With this knowledge, he has over the last 15 years developed beauty products, often from ingredients he himself picks and collects from the Nordic nature. The knowledge he has gained has made him one of Denmark’s most famous beauty experts. The series that Raz has developed is called RAZspa. All products are natural, but Raz is constantly trying to purify the individual active ingredients so that the power of nature comes more and more to the benefit of users.

Raz takes great social responsibility. The clay used in the Cleansing Mask is processed by a Fair Trade cooperative in Marrakech run by women, on a mill that Raz bought for them in 2008. Gift boxes are collected by young men with Down syndrome. Scented candles are produced through a project for maladapted girls on Lolland and product labels are applied in a project for non-violent prisoners in Danish prisons. All production takes place in Denmark, with knowledge dating back to the Viking Age combined with new professionalism and his own overwhelming knowledge of Nordic plants and herbs and their ways of working. Raz produces products for the discerning consumer, with the most delicious textures, heavenly discreet Nordic scents and extremely impressive effects.

In 2011, RAZspa won “Best Spa Treatment of the Year”, and in 2012, RAZspa became the No. 4 participant at the DM in saunagus. January 6, 2015 RAZspa opens in Torvehallerne; stage A7, hall 2. Here you can book time and come and hear about the products, try the products and experience the universe. The products are sold today in the exclusive RAZspa store in Torvehallerne, Copenhagen, as well as pharmacies, materialists and department stores throughout the Danish kingdom. We there in addition to find in China, Monaco, France, Norway and Belgium. You are always welcome to book a skin analysis to get our help, or write to Raz on Instagram.

Welcome to the RAZ universe!