Body Glow 150 ml – Organic & Fair Trade

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Særdeles effektiv ansigts og krops olie i mørkere udgave.
Beriget med vitaminerne A, B5, C, D, og E.
Absorberes hurtigt og efterlader huden med det smukkeste skær, af fugt og sundhed.

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Effective face and body oil.
Boosted up with A, B5, C, D and E vitamins.
Contains all the amino acids your skin needs to stay fresh and supple.
Absorbs quickly and leaves the skin with a fine sheen of sun, moisture and health.

Umbra is the coloring pigment in the oil. Its name comes from the Latin word umbra (shadow) and was originally mined in Umbria, a mountainous region in central Italy. It is a clay that is burned to the brown color you see in this product. The color was used in ancient times to shade colors of frescoes and murals. It’s the one you see in the ceiling of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. The color helps to crack a light skin so you get a little more glow in color.

Frankincense, olibavi or frankincense was previously considered to be as valuable as gold, and this was true for many thousands of years. It is believed that frankincense is used in more than 4000 years. It was said about the Roman Emperor Nero, he burned a quantity of incense that could have covered the city of Rome consumption for a whole year, when they buried his wife Poppaea. It should have been this profligacy that created the great rebellion that later got Nero to take his own life. It is ideal for treating wounds, scar tissue, moles, stretch marks and adstringent on aging skin.

Star anise comes from Northeast China and contains an estrogen-like plant hormones that scientists are still researching on can prevent breast cancer. Great against fluid overload and are very cleansing. Helps to discharge waste.

Silk protein is extracted from the thread from the cocoon silkesommerfuglelarvens, the same raw material is used in the production of the sought-after silk fabrics. Silk protein contains 17 amino acids. Among the 8 amino acids that are particularly important for people, and we can not produce. The amino acid enhances the skin and promotes healing of cell damage, irritations and wounds. It frees the skin’s natural muskelafslapper and calms the skin receptors, causing the Expression lines diminished.

Vitamin bind moisture to the skin, helps to restore damaged skin and to alleviate acne. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that is good for the maintenance of a youthful looking skin as it reduces the cells’ limitation process due to oxidation.

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that is good to maintain a young looking skin as it reduces the cells’ limitation process due to oxidation.

This oil contains natural deposits of A, B5, D, E and K vitamins.

Use it instead of cream, it contains no water and is therefore very economical in use.
Keep in mind that all make-up may come off, it can umbraen too.

Fun Facts:

Burnt umber, the brown coloring pigment in the oil. It is a clay from Umbria in central Italy that is burned dark and warm in color. On the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel Michaelangelo used burnt umber to the dark shapes, and it is also the color that gives Leonado’s Mona Lisa the beautiful glow.

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