RAZspa accept payment by credit / VISA, VISA, VISA Electron, VPay, American Express, Mastercard / Maestro, JCB and UnionPay. Payment will be debited to your account once it is shipped.

All amounts are in DKK. Danish kroner and incl. VAT.

RAZspa encrypts all information with the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. This means that unauthorized persons can not read your card number or other information during the transaction with the Nets.


RAZspa trying to pursue the sending of orders made before time. 16:00 will be sent the same day. Orders received after at. 16:00 will only be sent the following day.

RAZspa ensure delivery by Post Denmark (unless otherwise indicated) to receive on the date requested in the order. Timely delivery requires however that Post Denmark over the day-to-day delivery. If there are delays with Post Denmark, this will delay the delivery in relation to the desired delivery date. Post Danmark’s quality of supply is a minimum of 97% of letter packages and minimum 99% of the parcel. Note however that these percentages are average, and can cover large local and temporary variations. RAZspa can not be held responsible for delays in Post Denmark. In cases of very late (several days) or outright defaulted supplies forward RAZspa obviously a new delivery without charge.

Delivery to Bornholm and some small islands are not covered by Post Danmark’s goal of day-to-day delivery, with shipments to these areas, in some cases can last 2 days. RAZspa is always based on day-to-day delivery. As a dispatcher, you might. choose the delivery date a day earlier to compensate for this.

Delivery to the Faroe Islands, Greenland and abroad also happens with Post Denmark.


At RAZspa you always have under the Sale of Goods Act 2 year warranty on all purchases. This means that we will exchange any product which is defective due to manufacturing errors or the like. Error Use of the products are not covered by a warranty. It is therefore important that you read the instructions for use of the products. Complaints about defects which should be detected by normal examination of the goods must be notified RAZspa within a reasonable time. The product can be returned for exchange or by appointment if necessary. crediting. In connection with complaints RAZspa shipping costs to a reasonable extent. Remember to send all items returned in a proper packaging so they are not damaged and that the reason for the complaint.

Complaints and goods tournament

By defect, or possibly. missed deliveries, please contact:
RAZspa ApS
Amagertorv 27. 2nd floor
1160 Copenhagen K
Vat nr: DK35653074

Goods Tournament also takes place to this address – please note that we do not receive packages sent by fax. COD. Returns can also happen by refusing to receive or deliver the goods personally with us. It is not a requirement but the expedition will be enhanced if adequate information resulting package – eg copy of order confirmation, registration and account number of bank account to which reimbursement may be, copies of any. prior correspondence, etc.


In case of agreed discounts, returned goods or prepaid products as canceled before shipment, there must be a full or partial refund of the purchase price. Repayment is usually always by bank transfer and RAZspa therefore need information on registration number and account number for your bank account. This information is not sensitive and can easily be informed by. email or other traditional correspondence shape.


Razspa offers under the Sale of Goods Act 14 day return policy on all purchases from the date they are received. When we sell cosmetic products, it is important to note that products MUST be unused, if you want to use this right. If you choose to cancel a purchase, simply return the item. When merchandise is received and approved, the purchase price refunded to your account within a few days. Cost for the return, you must bear. Remember to send all items returned in a proper packaging so they are not damaged.

The withdrawal must be notified to us within 14 after the purchase, and the cancellation returned shipment after 14 days.

The notification shall be made by. mail shop@raz-spa.dk. In the message, make us clearly aware that you want to use your right of withdrawal.


Razspa will not sell customer information to third parties, which are collected through ordering, signing up for newsletters or through contact with customer service. We will circulate nor your information to business partners or like. All the information you provide when ordering, will only be used for processing your order. As stated under the item payment, Razspa not have access to your card data when you pay via a secure SSL line.


At Razspa we use cookies to monitor traffic to the web shop and collect data on visitor behavior so that we can optimize the web shop, and make it easier for you as a user to use the webshop. We collect no private or sensitive information about you or other visitors, it’s just info about your behavior on our website and shop, and where you are geographically. You can easily delete cookies by deleting the history in your browser.