Raz body and hair

When the body expects the best

When psoriasis irritates, when the shins itch, when the fingers crack, or if you just want the best for your hair and body. Then you have come to the right place. Here I have with the help of science ensured you the opportunity to get the optimal skin that you deserve. Explore my products, watch my videos on the effects and enjoy that you not only become more beautiful, you also become wiser.
  • RAZ Repair

    Repair 100 ml

    Amazingly nourishing and calming repair for both face and body. 315,00 DKK Add to cart
  • Repair

    Mini Repair 15 ml

    Amazingly nourishing and calming repair for both face and body. 145,00 DKK Add to cart
  • Daily cleansing mask

    RAZspa Cleansing Mask 200g

    30-second mask. Daily cleansing that is rich in mineral. 295,00 DKK Add to cart
  • Sizzle-salt brine and purple willow

    Anti-Irritation 300ml

    Liquid to alleviate skin irritation. 240,00 DKK Add to cart
  • Hand cream

    RAZspa Hc Hand Cream 75ml

    Rich, protective, and nourishing hand cream with apple and camomile. 195,00 DKK Add to cart
  • Body scrub

    Mint Body Scrub 200g

    Efficacious and stimulating body scrub, performing in-depth cleansing of the skin 250,00 DKK Add to cart
  • Body scrub

    Lavender Body Scrub 200g

    Gentle and soothing body scrub that relieves and reinforces the skin. 250,00 DKK Add to cart
  • Liquid soap

    RAZspa Hand & Body Wash 500ml

    A mild liquid soap enriched with birch and honey for both hands and body. 250,00 DKK Add to cart
  • Fat, rich cream

    RAZspa Hand & Body Lotion 500ml

    Extremely rich cream enriched with honey and birch. Can be used for the entire body. 500,00 DKK Add to cart
  • Shampoo

    RAZspa Hair Shampoo 500ml

    Mild and gentle shampoo enriched with vitamin E and sea buckthorn. 330,00 DKK Read more
  • Conditioner

    RAZspa Hair Conditioner 500ml

    Efficacious conditioner. Increases the hair’s strength and structure. Alleviates an irritated scalp. Enriched with an abundance of water-mint. 330,00 DKK Add to cart
  • -20% Strawberry legs
    Package deal

    RAZspa Strawberry-legs Package

    1.472,00 DKK Add to cart