• Repair

    RAZspa Repair 100 ml

    Amazingly nourishing and calming repair for both face and body. 315,00 DKK Add to cart
  • Daily cleansing

    RAZspa Cleansing Mask 200g

    30-second mask. Daily cleansing that is rich in mineral. 295,00 DKK Add to cart
  • Sizzle-salt brine and purple willow

    RAZspa Anti-Irritation 300ml

    Liquid to alleviate skin irritation. 240,00 DKK Add to cart
  • Hand cream

    RAZspa Hc Hand Cream 75ml

    Rich, protective, and nourishing hand cream with apple and camomile. 195,00 DKK Add to cart
  • Body scrub

    RAZspa Mint Body Scrub 200g

    Efficacious and stimulating body scrub, performing in-depth cleansing of the skin 250,00 DKK Add to cart
  • Liquid soap

    RAZspa Hand & Body Wash 500ml

    A mild liquid soap enriched with birch and honey for both hands and body. 245,00 DKK Add to cart
  • Fat, rich cream

    RAZspa Hand & Body Lotion 500ml

    Extremely rich cream enriched with honey and birch. Can be used for the entire body. 345,00 DKK Add to cart
  • Shampoo

    RAZspa Hair Shampoo 500ml

    Mild and gentle shampoo enriched with vitamin E and sea buckthorn. 275,00 DKK Read more
  • Conditioner

    RAZspa Hair Conditioner 500ml

    Efficacious conditioner. Increases the hair’s strength and structure. Alleviates an irritated scalp. Enriched with an abundance of water-mint. 275,00 DKK Add to cart