• Face Cream

    Rich Face Cream SPF 30 50ml

    A rich and protecting facial cream for ordinary or dry skin. 625,00 DKK Add to cart
  • RAZ Repair

    Repair 100 ml

    Amazingly nourishing and calming repair for both face and body. 315,00 DKK Add to cart
  • RAZ Mini Repair

    Mini Repair 15 ml

    Amazingly nourishing and calming repair for both face and body. 145,00 DKK Add to cart
  • Daily cleansing mask

    RAZspa Cleansing Mask 200g

    30-second mask. Daily cleansing that is rich in mineral. 295,00 DKK Add to cart
  • Retionid enriched facial serum

    RAZspa A retinoid 5% 30ml

    Cell-regenerating serum. Excellent for impurities and as anti-age serum. 475,00 DKK Add to cart
  • RAZ Hh
    Moisture and building blocks

    RAZspa Hh 30ml

    Moisture binding and cell regeneration. 3 types of hyaluron and 3 different peptides. 490,00 DKK Add to cart
  • Facial oil

    RAZspa Rh 100% 30ml

    Moisturises, regenerates pigmentation, improves structure and restores damaged skin. 290,00 DKK Add to cart
  • RAZspa Mdh
    Matt facial serum

    Mdh 30ml

    Degreasing and detoxing herbs - against bacteria, oiling and clogging. 480,00 DKK Add to cart
  • E-vitamin

    Vitamin E 100% 30ml

    Reinforces the skin’s defence against the disintegration of cells and DNA damage. 295,00 DKK Add to cart
  • Coffee face peel
    Efficient facial peeling

    Coffee Face Peel 100

    Removes dead skin cells, performs in-depth cleaning and helps to combat blackheads and impurities. 215,00 DKK Add to cart
  • Gift box

    RAZspa Moist Booster Set

    Pamper your skin with a moisture boost. 695,00 DKK Read more
  • Gift box

    RAZspa Perfect Face

    The perfect way to face the day. 560,00 DKK Read more
  • Gift box

    RAZspa Perfect Night

    Anti-aging during the night. 475,00 DKK Read more