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Anti Age, Keratosis Pilaris, or Dry Skin. I have collected the most popular packages. Then you can easily act on exactly the challenge or optimization you want. The packages are very closely linked to my care guides, so if you’re already interested, you might want to take a look at that part of my universe as well. The picky one wants it all and you get it here! You are also welcome to just let yourself be inspired.
  • -10% Akne Vulgaris

    RAZspa Akne Vulgaris Pakke

    2.690,00 DKK 2.400,00 DKK Add to cart
  • -12% Antiage

    RAZspa Anti Age Pakke

    1.480,00 DKK 1.300,00 DKK Add to cart
  • -9% Arvæv

    Arvæv Pakke

    1.435,00 DKK 1.300,00 DKK Add to cart
  • -8% Basis behandling

    RAZspa Basis Behandling Pakke

    1.860,00 DKK 1.700,00 DKK Add to cart
  • -10% Eksem / Atopiskeksem / Børneeksem

    RAZspa Eksem/Atopiskeksem/Børneeksem Pakke

    1.115,00 DKK 1.000,00 DKK Add to cart
  • -10% Fedtet hud

    RAZspa Fedtet Hud Pakke

    1.345,00 DKK 1.200,00 DKK Add to cart
  • Hænder der sprækker
  • -12% Hyperpigmentering / Pigmentpletter

    RAZspa Hudorme Pakke

    1.480,00 DKK 1.300,00 DKK Add to cart
  • -12% Hudorme
  • -10% Keratosis Pillaris

    RAZspa Keratosis Pillaris Pakke

    1.235,00 DKK 1.100,00 DKK Add to cart
  • -5% Mørke render under øjnene

    RAZspa Mørke render under øjnene Pakke

    1.060,00 DKK 1.000,00 DKK Add to cart
  • -10% Perioral Dermatitis

    RAZspa Perioral Dermatitis Pakke

    1.620,00 DKK 1.450,00 DKK Add to cart
  • -12% Psoriasis

    RAZspa Psoriasis Pakke

    1.365,00 DKK 1.200,00 DKK Add to cart
  • -12%

    RAZspa Rosacea Pakke

    2.500,00 DKK 2.200,00 DKK Add to cart
  • Skæl, eksem og psoriasis i hovedbund
  • Strækmærker
  • -14% Talgknopper

    RAZspa Talgknopper Pakke

    1.285,00 DKK 1.100,00 DKK Add to cart
  • -10% Tør irriteret hud

    RAZspa Tør irriteret hud Pakke

    1.510,00 DKK 1.350,00 DKK Add to cart
  • Gaveæske

    RAZspa Moist Booster Set

    Giv din hud et fugtboost 695,00 DKK Add to cart
  • Gaveæske

    RAZspa Perfect Face

    Det perfekte møde med dagen 560,00 DKK Add to cart
  • Gaveæske

    RAZspa Perfect Night

    Anti age om natten 430,00 DKK Add to cart