RAZspa A retinoid 5% 30ml

The vigour of vitamin A with enhanced strength and better stability. A new generation has seen the light of day!

This small heavenly bottle contains 5% of the highly active and advanced retinoid. A bit superficially, you could say that it’s a bit like the old vitamin A – only far better, more efficient, with longer stability and even more safe to use. To you, the consumer, this means that even the smallest drop remaining in the bottle will contain 5% Retinoid, because it will not break down the same way as Retinol.

This new generation of vitamin A proves more efficient for disintegrating clogged pores (blackheads), treatment of sun damaged skin, acne and ageing signs (anti-age). Similarly, it has proved more efficacious against hyper pigmentation than other vitamin A compounds. It makes the skin regenerate, stimulating the formation of collagen and, thus, you will detect amazing results in the entire structure of your skin.

As a skin cell is about 22 days to generate, you should give your RAZspa A retinoid product at least 12 weeks, before you will have the complete end result. But oh! You’ll be gorgeous! I’ve added all 5 permissible percentages, to provide you with the greatest possible effect.

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Vitamin A is a strong antioxidant, and in its purest form it is of a substance similar to dark, yellow salt. This is why the colour of powerful vitamin A beauty products has a yellowish tinge. Thus, you can in fact easily test your vitamin A products, yourself.

As vitamin A is fat soluble, retinoid is equally so. This is why retinoid is so efficient in the fight against black spots/blackheads, which are one and the same thing. As the retinoid will dissolve the clog, it is also effective in the treatment of acne. Your ordinary facial cleaning, using RAZspa Cleansing Mask, will take care of the rest.

A skin cell is surrounded by a cell membrane consisting of a fatty substance through which retinoid is capable of penetrating. And it therefore stimulates the formation of additional collagen and new skin cells. It is thus the structure of your entire skin that is improved.

Product information for the geek:
This is a Hydroxypinacolone solution which again is an ester of vitamin A acid. It is not really comparable with retinol (vitamin A) because it no longer looks like it. It acts like Tretinoin (or prescription strength Retin-A), albeit with small or no skin irritation. Also, it is actually no longer toxic. Both retinol and hydroxypinacolone retinoate are excellent ingredients in skin products. RAZspa’s choice of A retinoid are, however, based on significant differences.

The old retinol must be broken down over several stages in order to be transformed into retin acid. Even in small dosages, this process of decomposition will cause skin irritability and adverse reactions. Not requiring transformation into retin acid is one significant advantage of Hydroxypinacolon retinoate, as compared with retinol and other vitamin A derivatives. When applied to the skin, it can bind directly to receptors, which will have the following effects: anti-ageing effect (an improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles), a reduction in pigmentation marks and spots as well as in tallow production, a reduction in pores, and an enhancement of skin texture. Moreover, increased hydration and an improvement in skin glow can also be expected.

One final significant advantage of A retinoid is its ingredient stability as compared with other vitamin A types: The same 5% will be available in both the first and last drop.

Even though hydroxypinacolon retinoate represents a new generation of retinoids, I’m absolutely convinced that we shall see a an ever increasing use of this compound in the future.

Now, given the option of making it increasingly safe for our consumers, why not do it?

As the first thing after cleansing your skin, apply A-Retinoid to the clean skin. Empty a pipette into your hands and distribute it all across your face and down the throat. Leave it to penetrate into your skin for five minutes, and then apply night cream or RAZspa Repair.

Only use in the evening or when you will no longer be going out.
The depth effect of this product means that you must expect the passage of at least 12 weeks before you will register the full result – but you will indeed be super attractive. I have given you all the 5 permitted per cents – to provide you with the best possible effect.

Against acne, you may experience a rise in symptoms to begin with. But do not despair, things will definitely improve. It may be a couple of weeks before you will really detect any major results.

Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil. Demethyl Isosorbide. Argamia Spinosa Kertel Oil. Tocopherol. Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate.

RAZspa Retinoid is obviously manufactured in Denmark, as this way, I can follow the entire process – which will make me secure.

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