RAZspa Brass dispenser for RAZspa glass bottles

Messing holder or dispenser – call it what you like or wish, but it is nice to look at, that’s for sure. Intended for RAZspa glass bottles.

Delivered without screws or Rawlplugs, it has two holes in the large flat area of the back and is thus prepared for fastening into a wall. Over time, it will be beautifully covered with verdigris, so it does not need polishing.

180,00 DKK

Availability: 40 in stock

Intended for you who will not have your glass bottles standing around on your sink – or who are tired of finding them at the bottom of the shower stall.

If you have a public room, where you make a Hand & Body Lotion available, or perhaps a Disinfectant Gel 85% that repeatedly disappears/is left in the wrong place, this dispenser will definitely be a solution.

The dispenser ensures that you always know where your RAZspa glass bottles are, and you will be safe in the knowledge that they will not disappear or fall down/be overturned.

Wall: You can easily screw it onto the wall.

Table: With double adhesive tape, you can ensure that the dispenser is fixed into position without requiring your boring or screwing into the table.”

67% copper and 33% zink

I got the inspiration for these dispensers because I discovered that our taps and copper pipes only became even more beautiful over time. Manufactured in Denmark by a friendly plate smith answering to the name of Kim.