RAZspa Cleansing Mask 200g

The mask not requiring waiting time. This cleansing mask can, with advantage, be used as daily facial wash. No more than 30 seconds morning and evening – this equals half an hour after the passage of a month. It can also be used as a deep-cleaning mask for both face and body , as make-up remover, natural soap, shaving cream, and much more.

We have a fine cooperation with a Fairtrade female cooperative to the south of Marrakech, extracting this product on our behalf in the Atlas Mountains. The cleansing mask is carefully mixed with oil of pine needles and star aniseed – some at the most cleansing oils that nature provides.

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Efficient clay mask which gently cleanses and detoxes your skin. Contrary to soap, this cleansing mask will not be foamy, which will in no way render it less efficient, though. Since this clay soap will cleanse without degreasing, it is perfect for anything from sensitive skin to greasy skin with blackspots and blackheads.

The cleansing mask consists of volcanic ash that descended upon the area about 63 million years ago. For the last many thousand years, the ash has been absorbing vitamins and minerals from the subsoil. This ash / clay is composed of more vitamins and minerals than any other ash / clay in the world.

The cleansing mask is extremely absorbent. It possesses a unique ability to absorb moisture and grease and is therefore perfect for the cleansing of the skin, as blackheads / comedones / blackspots will be dried out, impurities removed, and the skin enriched with nourishing minerals.

As compared with other types of clay, the cleansing mask contains higher percentages of silicon, magnesium, potassium, calcium and other minerals and trace elements. These minerals make the clay extremely suitable for detoxing and an amazing feature in the struggle against eczema, children’s eczema, atopic dermatitis, and psoriasis.

The cleansing mask has a mild, sweet aroma. According to clinical studies, natural soaps have the following properties: Less dryness, fewer scales, clearer skin, resilience, firmness, and structure. Facilitates less greasy skin and cleans clogged pores. Results in more supple skin as it will remove dead skin cells. The Ph value of the clay is between 6.9 and 7.5.

The Cleansing Mask consists of absolutely natural ash, a powder, to be mixed with water. There is sufficient ash for two complete jars of ready-mixed Cleansing Mask.

Remove half the ash and save it in a bag or another jar. Leave the remaining half in the jar and fill up with water till it reaches the rim. Make sure that the lid is tight and shake. If you consider your mask too thick, add more water. If too thin, you leave it overnight without lid to let some of the water evaporate. The ready-mixed mask will equal about 1.5 month’s use.

Moisten your skin and add cleansing mask, rinse with warm water, and dab the skin dry. If you wish to use the product as make-up remover or cleansing product, massage it into the skin as a normal washing gel and then removed, using a sponge or a washing cloth.

Add a cap-full of RAZspa Ai in order to enrich the cleansing mask with even more minerals, if you suffer from psoriasis, eczema, acne, impurities, or the similar.

Leave the mask to dry around the nasal area to remove blackheads/comedones. In this case, it will be an advantage if you also use RAZspa A-retinoid.

Moroccan Lava Clay. Prynus Sylvestris Leaf Oil. Illicium Vernum Fruit Oil. Limonene.

Before RAZspa had access to a powder room (a low-pressure room in which the mixer machines are also subject to low pressure), we would vacuum-clean for 4 hours after production. We had dust and Cleansing Mask everywhere. We were extremely clean on the days on which we manufactured Cleansing Mask.