Coffee Face Peel 200g – Organic & Fair Trade

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An extremely effective face peel with a high concentration of fruit acids. Deep cleanses the skin, helps to remove blackheads and fight imperfections. Tightens the pores and inhibits the production of sebum.

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Effective peeling with high fruit acid content. This peel is great for quickly working into the deeper skin layers and leaving you smooth and soft. Effective treatment for scaly skin and acne.The peeling is filled with coffee-acid and oil, which together with the small grains and glycolic acid is great for Peele skin and really get deep into the pores, and then gives the skin a nice glow.Vitamin bind moisture to the skin, helps to restore damaged skin and to alleviate acne. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that is good for conservation one young looking skin as it reduces the cells’ obsolescence due process of oxidation. Vitamin E also helps A-vitamin’s effect. Contains while both B5 and vitamin D.Cocoa antioxidants called flavoider and has a natural sunscreen, the skin becomes more resistant and smooth. Antioxidant is it that inhibits skin aging, and we can hardly have too much of. Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health has been found that both flavoider prevents cell damage and inflammation. Cocoa is invented by the Maya people, they called their gudedrik with roasted cocoa tree Cxolatl. How they knew that the many antioxidants were important for human beings, we can only guess.Grape fruit came to Europe in the early 1200s, it is great for acne, clogged pores and is well detoxifying. You can spice this peeling up with grated peel from your own organic grapefruits. Orange, grapefruit and bergamot are all citrus fruits from Asia, they are firming, astringent in the pores of the skin and very uplifting. Cedar is an antiseptic, talghæmmende and contracting why it is beneficial to the skin with whiteheads, dry patches and impurities. 

Fun Facts:

At the Blue Nile estuary was the ancient kingdom of Kaffa in the capital Bonga, and this is where the coffee comes from. It is said that the king alchemists heard about how gedehyrderne forced the goats away from a particular shrub, for otherwise they would become unruly and would not go down. How alchemists came from the bitter fruit for the idea to paint the roasted, and be one of coffee’s many mysteries.Cocoa as a product invented by the Maya people. Today, Ghana (formerly the Gold Coast), the world’s largest producer of cocoa. Cocoa contains large amounts flavoider are cocoa response to antioxidants. Our course organic and fair traide.