Vitamin E 100% 30ml

This vitamin E is 100% pure. Vitamin E reinforces the skin’s defence against disintegration. It is excellent for wounds and scar tissue.

Vitamin E can be extracted from all types of oil. I prefer Nordic ingredients such as: pear pips, rapeseed, sunflower, rose hip, Milk Thistle, etc.

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Vitamin E, one of the beauty trade’s most used vitamins, is a strong antioxidant. On the market for beauty products, many products against rosacea and similar inflammatory skin irritation (i.e. irritation involving reddish skin rash and heat) contain vitamin E.

As an antioxidant, vitamin E will reinforce the skin’s defence against disintegration of cells (cell ageing) and against free oxygen radicals from the polluted air surrounding us. This way, vitamin E will protect your skin against signs of ageing and general damage caused by UV radiation and pollution.

It appears in eight different shapes, but only two of them, tocopheryl acetate and tocopherol, can be absorbed through the skin. Therefore, they are the ones you find in the list of ingredients on your products.

On a daily basis, you can use my vitamin E against pollution and ageing signs in your skin by adding a few drops to your cream, or you can use it for the regeneration of your skin after wounds, damage, etc. by applying it directly onto your skin.

In order to be certain to avoid damage due to sun exposure, you can mix 100% pure vitamin E into your sunscreen. I empty one pipette of vitamin E into the palm of my hand and mix it with my sunblock. In your reviews, many of you tell me that, after following this advice, you experience reduced irritation or none at all after sunbathing.

Vitamin E is also amazing for our hair. We probably know all the many hair products containing vitamin E. You can easily boost your hair conditioner or hair balsam by adding a few drops of vitamin E.

If you are a novice within the use of vitamin E, or if you have sensitive skin, it will be a good idea to begin with a weak mixture of oil or cream, the first few days. You can always increase your consumption when you have got a feeling as to whether it works for you.

Alfa Topherol

Vitamin E can be manufactured synthetically and absolutely transparently. I extract vitamin E from sunflowers.

In nature, vitamin E is a viscous fatty substance. Since RAZspa does not dilute it, but provides 100% pure vitamin E for your skin, it is quite a sticky product.