RAZspa Mint Body Scrub 200g

Efficacious scrub that works in the deeper layers of your skin. A high content of active ingredients that will work in the upper as well as the deeper layers of skin. Very cleansing and efficient treatment for impurities and beginning signs of cellulitis.

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As early as the 14th century, peppermint was used for the whitening of teeth – and later to disguise the smell of tobacco. It stimulates the blood flow and thus has a purifying property. According to hieroglyphics discovered in the Edfu Temple, mint was used by the ancient Egyptians as ritual perfume. And it was one of the constituents of the sacred incense kyphi. In ancient Greece and Rome, mint was an everyday ingredient – as aroma in baths and, powdered, in beds.

Medicinal use of Eucalyptus was introduced by Australian Aboriginals who applied it for infections and fever. It is particularly efficacious in the treatment of burns, impurities, and insect bites. It stimulates blood flow and cleanses the lymph nodes – incredibly antiseptic.

The camphor tree, originating in Taiwan, China, and Japan, can be up to 1000 years old. The tree must be at least 80 years, before it will begin to produce oil. In Persia, camphor was used against the plague, but also for embalming. Camphor cleanses the skin while haven a firming effect, and it was a much appreciated oil in ancient Chinese medicinal culture

Extremely fat-dissolving, cinnamon has been used for the last 4000 years. It is highly antiseptic with antimicrobial properties. Cinnamon is an excellent ingredient in the combat of skin diseases such as cellulitis and acne.

Earlier, clove was much used by both Greeks, Romans, and Chinese owing to its medicinal value. The Chinese used it against toothache and as mouthwash – particularly by courtiers prior to audiences with the emperor. It is cell regenerating and stimulation and therefore beneficial in keeping the skin young.

Olive oil is a valuable source of vitamins such as A, D, E, and K that promotes the growth of new skin cells as well the body’s resistance to infection. In addition, olive oil provides better uptake of vitamins from other ingredients and has an exceedingly high content of antioxidants.

Vitamin E is a forceful antioxidant which contributes to retaining a youthful appearance of the skin, because, owing to oxidation, it reduces the ageing process of the cells.

This scrub is recommended for blemished skin.

Highly efficacious against irritation, impurities, ingrown hair, cellulitis, etc. If you suffer from the above, you should try to give yourself a gentle massage with this scrub. If you experience irritation and impurities, a gentle massage using this scrub will have an alleviating effect. After use, just rinse lightly with warm water and dab dry. The oils will help you.

Magnesium Sulfate, Olea Europaea Oil, Tocopherol, Mentha Piperita Oil, Eucalyptus Species Leaf Oil, Cinnamomum Camphora Oil, Eugenia Caryophyllus Oil, Cinnamomum Cassia Oil, Mentha Piperita Leaves

The camphor tree can be up to 1000 years old. In ancient Chinese medicine it was a much cherished oil. It cleanses the skin and has a firming effect. Our camphor originates in North China and stems from trees of between 350 and 750 years of age. The oil is harvested by a cooperative of various fair-trade associations.

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