RAZspa Moist Booster Set

In this package I have assembled the most superb ingredients for you who are looking for a moisture boost.

Clean your skin
Minerals and vitamins of the RAZspa Cleansing Mask will gently cleanse your skin, adding lots of vitamins and minerals without drying out the skin.

Peel your skin
The RAZspa Coffee Face Peel contains mild fruit acids that will efficiently peel the skin, removing dead skin cells and preparing your skin for the absorption of serums and fruit.

Restore your skin
My own fruit serum, the RAZspa Hh, contains both hyaluronic acids and peptides. Here, your skin will not only benefit from the moisture-binding hyaluron, but also from the supply of the important peptides that will help the skin generate.

Nourish your skin
RAZspa Repair, my best selling product, is very efficacious as a night mask – but it is equally amazing for you whose skin will dry out in the course of the day. Begin by trying it out as a night mask.

The box contains: 100 g Coffe Face Peel, 100 g Cleansing Mask, 8ml Hh & 15 ml Repair

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