RAZspa Perfect Face

Here are three efficient steps to get the perfect face.

Clean your skin
Minerals and vitamins of the RAZspa Cleansing Mask will gently cleanse your skin, adding lots of vitamins.

Peel your skin
You should peel three times a week, using The RAZspa Coffee Face Peel. This will perform efficient peeling, removing dead skin cells and thus prepare your skin for the absorption of serums and moisture.

Nourish your skin
As the last step before you go to sleep, use RAZspa Repair, which is probably my best selling product. Apply a thin layer of Repair across the entire facial area (perhaps after having applied RAZspa A retinoid).

The box contains: 200 g Cleansing Mask, 15ml Repair & 200 g Coffee Face Peel.

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