RAZspa Perfect Night

Why do everything yourself when nature’s ingredients can do it for you while you sleep?

Restore your skin after cleansing by means of:
A retinoid which is the purified vitamin A. Actually, I have simply removed all the dangerous vitamin A substances, and then once again purified it to only contain all the active ingredients. The more efficient substance we now are left with is called retinoid. Why be content with small dosages when I’m permitted to give you as much as 5%?

Nourish your skin, using:
RAZspa Repair, which is probably my best selling product. Now, as your second and last step before going to sleep, you apply a thin layer of Repair onto A retinoid. Then the products will provide anti-ageing throughout the night.

The box contains: 15ml Repair, 30ml A Retinoid.

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