RAZspa Rh 100% 30ml

Facial oil that regenerates pigmentation, improves structure, moisturises, and restores damaged skin.

Cold-pressed oil of pure Danish organic rose-hip seeds. The oil is gently pressed which is why RAZspa is capable of providing 100% pure oil of rose-hip seeds – with nothing else in the bottle. One single ingredient. Likewise, you do not mix anything into your olive oil, do you?

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It is with very good reason that oil of rose-hip seeds has been called the miraculous cure of the North.

The composition of oil of rose-hip seeds is unique – comprising strong antioxidants, in particular vitamin C and A together with the high content of 2 essential fatty acids, linoleic and linolenic acid, which makes the oil unique, in particular within cellular and tissue regeneration. In other words: The oil will inhibit signs of aging, wrinkles, scar tissue, damage due to sun exposure, and hyper pigmentation and it is one of the most efficient oils within the treatment of both hypertrophic and keloid scarring.

Rh, as such, is anti-inflammatory, which is wonderful news for all skin types with a tendency to reddening. It binds moisture and, since it does not contain water, it is an amazing remedy in the changing weather conditions of our Nordic climate. Rh has a soothing effect on light-sensitive and inflamed skin.

It is practically as if, here in the North, nature has already provided the ingredients we need in order to live with our fair-skinned complexions. This explains why the Vikings sold the oil in such large amounts.

Rh in gently pressed from organic Danish rose-hip seeds into a natural mild facial oil that will restore pigmentation, improve structure, moisturise, and repair damages. Since, by nature, the oil has a fabulous rosy colour, it will smooth out the colour of the skin and make it more uniform.

You can successfully exchange your day cream with this Rh – Oil of Rose-hip Seeds. Applied to clean skin – for instance onto a serum. You can also use an ordinary day cream onto your RAZspa Rh.

Mix with other RAZspa products:

Used together with RAZspa vitamin A and RAZspa Hh Hyaluronic Acid and Hexapeptide 8 for maximum anti-aging effect.
For greasy skin in can be applied alone instead of a day / night cream after the application of the RAZspa Cleansing Mask.
Used together with RAZspa AI Anti Irritation on irritated, itching, and damaged skin.

For scar tissue and stretch marks, apply twice daily together with RAZspa Repair and RAZspa vitamin E.
In the event of pigmentation disorders it can be used together with vitamins A & E.

Rosa Canina Fruit Oil.

Our rose-hip seeds are traded on for second, third, and fourth pressing. In which cases nothing good can, in fact, be said of the oil which should not be mixed with all sorts of other ingredients.